My son is thrilled every day to go to school and loves his peers and the teachers
Thames parent, 2020


Our ethos is deeply relational and rooted in Christian values with mutual respect and self-responsibility at its heart. By creating an environment of trust, pupils learn to listen to and learn from one another. The Thames Wellbeing Programme places strong emphasis on personal development, forming healthy relationships and constructive engagement in society.

Our foundational school values of compassion and respect promote gratitude and a level of cultural intelligence vital for success in life. Responsive form tutoring and attentive pastoral care ensure these are embedded throughout the school community.

Time taken by staff to invest in individual pupils enables our young people to develop the wisdom, confidence and resilience to become authentic leaders, able to rise above challenges. They learn to make good choices and understand that every choice has consequences. As pupils learn self-responsibility they become proactive and diligent, highly desirable qualities for the workplace.

“Pupils celebrate the diversity of their school community in all its aspects and are extremely accepting of difference of any kind, recognising the common humanity of all as well as everyone’s uniqueness.”

ISI, April 2022